Girls LOVE Travel is an engaging online FB community with almost 600,000 members living in over 100 countries around the globe. As we are traveling around, we want to find fun new ways to encourage exciting and memorable offline encounters. Often, our members are traveling to destinations wondering where they should go, what they should do, what they should eat, and who they should meet!

What it does

Traveling to new places can often be daunting to push yourself to meet others offline. Our new tool, harnesses the power and knowledgable expertise from local community ambassadors as well as connecting fellow nearby travelers.

Connecting travelers offline by using a system of supporting others in the community of making group-based selfies, as well as photos of places and things to see around the world. Using local expertise to help find things for new explorers to find and do.

By meeting and sharing selfies, this in turn helps with the security of the group as a verification of member profiles.

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