As a team of four minority women, we have experienced bias in different STEM areas throughout our school career. For example, one of our teammates was underestimated for not knowing how to use google docs even though the course was a Cybersecurity introductory class.

Our main inspiration came from the UN's tackling of world hunger through the program. This program provided grains of rice for every trivia question answered correctly, we took that idea and made it correlate with gender inequality or more specifically in STEM and technology fields.

What it does

Our website was designed to allow people to engage in a game, which is an online ping-pong game. In this game the player faces a challenging bot and tries to gain more points. For every ten points that are earned, one piece will be added into an Arduino kit of 42 pieces.

How we built it

We coded this website using HTML, javascript, and CSS. We had limited background prior to this event, and our main resources were google, W3Schools and our mentors.

Challenges we ran into

Since we had very little experience, we ran into many difficulties such as how to make a button and how to change the site page but we were able to overcome these difficulties over the course of the 24 hours.

Because this is our first hackathon, we were not sure how to start our project and this was detrimental to our time and time-management since we only began developing the software of our project into the ninth hour of the day.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. We made a proper website with some errors.
  2. We worked mostly independently on our first ever project.
  3. We finished our first hackathon!

What we learned

How to use HTML, javascript, and CSS!

What's next for Girls Hack

Getting REAL sponsors such as GirlsWhoCode, Girls In Technology, and more. Create more games adapted to the theme of the global issue. Getting Arduino Kits to donate to girls across the globe.

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