A way for lady hackers to get together and hack, because of the disparity of male to female hackers there is often the feeling that woman are left out or do not belong. We want to fix that and encourage them to join in!

What it does

It is a match up site where you look up who will be going to what hackathons and make connections

How I built it

It was created with HTML5/CSS and javascript on the front end and uses Python script plus flask and php for the back end

Challenges I ran into

We found difficulty in having the back end talk to the front end.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It was a great project and I worked with two awesome people, Victoria Wong Jew and Val Booth.

What I learned

I learned lots of stuff. Sleep is good for you.

What's next for GirlHackNet

Streamlining, possibly adding a messaging system, add photos.

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