What it does

Addresses the coordinator's pain points while managing lessons for the horse stable which are as follows:

  • disallowing ineligible people to volunteer for wrong positions
  • providing an easier and more intuitive way to view and manage overall lesson detail
  • Digitising the lesson creation workflow
  • Providing feature to easily view lessons by positions and / or days

How we built it

  • Used React and Node to build the frontend and backend respectively
  • Integrated mongoDB (on mLAB cluster) with node server
  • Included emailer service

Challenges we ran into

  • Understanding the NPO's requirements and simplifying them to translate into technical terms
  • Modularisation and reusing components both on the frontend and backed
  • Simplification of data models

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • The project ;)

What we learned

  • Every minute matters!
  • We improved our interpersonal skills by having conversations with the NPO

What's next for Girard's stable - stardust solution

  • Confirming tech stack
  • Brainstorm solution and discussion with Amy to get in better problem understanding
  • Bounce off any question/ doubts with possible approach with mentors
  • Planning & division of tasks

Built With

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