We were inspired by our passion for mental health awareness, journaling, and giraffes to create Giraffirmations. During this time of isolation, we found ourselves falling into negative mindsets and allowing feelings of hopelessness to creep in. This greatly impacted our mental health and we saw that journalling centred around gratitude helped to improve our attitudes. We also found ourselves spending hours in front of our computers and thought that it would be a good idea to allow for quick journalling breaks right from our favourite browser.

What it does

Giraffirmations prompts users to reflect on positive experiences and promotes feelings of gratitude. Users can jot down their feelings and save them for future references, reinforcing happy thought patterns! There is also a hidden easter egg for additional fun surprises to boost the user's mood :)

How we built it

  • 60% JavaScript
  • 25% HTML
  • 15% CSS
  • 110% passion and fun! (plus some helpful APIs)

Challenges we ran into

  • Implementing tabs within the extension
  • Using Chrome Storage Sync API
  • Retrieving the world date and time using JavaScript
  • Controlling Youtube ad frequencies

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Learning JavaScript in a day
  • Working in a team of 2!
  • Learning how to randomize link destinations
  • Coming up with a great extension name

What we learned

  • Chrome Storage Sync API is HARD
  • Colours and fonts matter
  • Version control is a lifesaver

What's next for Giraffirmations

  • Showing all of the user's previous entries
  • Implementing reminder notifications to journal
  • Gamification aspects (growing a Giraffe through positivity!)
  • Dark mode!

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