Timing travels is difficult. Remembering is not easy. We aim to solve both giphy-ily.

What it does

GifAlarm integrates both Google Calendar and Google Maps to bring its users the best travel and alarm experience. Google Calendar tracks the time periods and locations of the user's commitment. Our web application then utilizes Google Maps to calculate travel paths and times as a normal GPS would. However, in contrast to the typical passive GPS model, GifAlarm will frequently send and receive location data to Google Maps to provide real-time recalculation of distances and time remaining for travels. Here's where happy-giphy comes in: gifs are used to remind the user of three main changes. Gifs remind you to start your travel, to speed up when you walk too slowly, and they congratulate you when you have arrived. The Gifs make for a more visually stimulating method of alarming. What differentiates our product is the integration of both Google tools together and the added comical relief for users of all gif-backgrounds.

How we built it

With limited development experience, we built our web model using HTML, CSS, and Google Calendar and Maps APIs.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into many challenges trying to integrate the Google APIs, trying Python and Browser integrations. When the APIs would not show, troubleshooting was difficult with our limited experience. We also ran into challenges when actually implementing the functions we want for our product. We cannot get the Google Maps to function in our web app. As of now, we only have the base frontend of our web application with no implementation of the actual features.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our idea, which implements various APIs and ideas. We are also proud that we were able to create a website that looks relatively aesthetic.

What we learned

We learned various new HTML implementations as well as the general function and convenience of APIs. For future hackathons, we hope to learn more about React and development methods that will help us create exactly what we imagine in the future.

What's next for GifAlarm

Without a doubt, GifAlarm will need to be remade as a mobile app, because the main purpose of the alarm is to be convenient while on-the-go, which is only possible through mobile devices. Furthermore, we hope to use speech to text functions, so for example, a user will have to read the words displayed on a gif to end an alarm.

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