The problem our project solves


When the epidemic started, we all began to notice the struggle of people that need help on a daily basis, but were too often forgotten... from elderly neighbours to businesses fearing bankruptcy, as committed citizens of the world, we could not stay still and let our society break apart.

As humanity is facing unprecedented challenges, we need more than ever, to overcome tomorrow by fostering social interactions, with mutual support and solidarity. It is the only way for the European nation and the whole world, to come out of this crisis stronger. Their is no time and we need to dare now !


Nevertheless in a confined world, it might be complex to reach those in needs and have a real impact on our communities. Considering the fact that the Covid-19 pandemic is forcing us to think more locally in a global world, every citizen bear more than ever a huge responsibility. Every actions we make can have deep consequences, and we have no choice but to create a new dynamic of behaviour in our communities. BUT HOW ?

How to influence millions of people's behaviour, knowing that we need to respect like never before social distancing measures, while more and more people and businesses are in a fragile situation.

Our brilliant team dared to take up this challenge !

The solution’s impact to the crisis

1. As we all need to be part of a social revolution, Dodo Dare fosters social commitment through gamification and social challenges

2. Dodo Dare allows business that have been weakened by the quarantine to redefine the way they interact with their customer basis, offering a solution to economic re-launch in a social and responsible way

3. Dodo Dare focus local commitment where it is essential, by connecting local NGO's to a socially engaged community

Dodo Dare is providing tools to citizens to overcome the emotional stress linked to the pandemic by triggering a social revolution today and tomorrow

How does it work?

We reward with coupons, trophies and medals, users to engage in social and responsible challenges that are focusing on making our society a better place. From sewing masks for health workers, to realising a green walk, every day is an opportunity to challenge yourself to be better than yesterday.

Who are our users and what is our value proposition for them ?

Individuals :

1. Giving them an opportunity to be part of a global solution for a better world, by allowing them to achieve positive and impactful challenges in their community.

2. Making their engagement go viral via a news feed where they can share their accomplishments everyday and compare themselves to other members of the Dodo Dare social media.

3. Reward their achievements with Dodo Dare coupons, trophies and medals in order to cultivate their determination to become actors of change.

Big corporations and small businesses :

1. Every Dodo Dare challenge can be sponsored by a company that will emphasise its social commitment, considering the pandemic we are facing right now.

2. Thus our solution deeply redefine how brands interact with their customers. In a time of crisis, Dodo Dare is the new social media where advertisers can realign their communication strategies with their values, and reconnect purpose and performance.

DoDo Dare is a disruptive marketing tool promoting the greater good (contact us to get the best quote ;) )

NGO's :

1. Dodo Dare also allows NGO's to launch new challenges or to sponsor others for free. Considering that they specifically need more support right now, Dodo Dare will be their magical tool to engage with a selected and committed audience.

What is our revenue model ?

1. Big corporations and small businesses will pay a fixed amount of money in order to sponsor challenges while a variable cost will depend on their dares' reach on the community. It will be our main source of revenue.

2. Dodo Dare will be free for individuals and NGO's, in order to grow a large community of active and committed users, while attracting big corporations and small businesses to sponsor challenges.

What you have done during the weekend

This weekend has been an incredible adventure during which we accomplished our first Dodo Dare challenge :

Daring to build a social media dedicated to social and responsible challenges

I. We gathered an incredible team of 6 talented and diversified professionals :

1. Valentine Malivel :

Professional background : Social Entrepreneur and Project Director (GirlPreneur, ASFE UK), winning team member of the University College London social startup competition)

Academical background : University College London bachelor, Future HEC Paris master student

2. Paul Rengade :

Professional background : Strategic Growth Analyst & Consultant at Auto1 Group, Consultant in Innovation Management and Funding at Wavestone, Founder at LeafGiver

Academical background : University of California, Berkeley, Haas School, Audencia, Ecole centrale de Nantes

3. Pauline Lachérade :

Professional background : Cluster and networks management - European affairs

Academical background : ITIRI - Hochschule für öffentliche Verwaltung Kehl / Lycée Henri IV

4. Chris Vanberg :

Professional background : Founder at Chris Vanberg The Concierge of Entrepreneurship

Academical background : EPHEC

5. Frédéric Ratsimiveh :

Professional background : Senior Manager at Deloitte Digital (responsible for Apple x Deloitte alliance), Mobile Project Manager at BMW...

Academical background : ENSSAT - École Nationale Supérieure des Sciences Appliquées et de Technologie, ESCP Business School

6. Moustapha Amadou :

Professional background : Innovation Project Manager at Engie, Junior Consultant in Cybersecurity at KPMG, PMO Coordinator at Accenture Strategy

Academical background : Paris Dauphine University

II. We Realised a market research

We received more than 200 answers to our market research with 94% of respondents willing to participate in a social challenge... IT IS ON !

III. We built from scratch our MVP :

IV. We created our VIP (Very Interested People) community of Dodo Dare challengers on Facebook :

V. We created on Instagram page to launch our first challenge :

The solution we bring to the table

Dodo Dare, it's your duty to dare !

Dodo Dare is a global solution for social and responsible challenges having a real life impact on our communities. By bringing tech and human together, we use Dodo Dare as a catalyst to social commitment and action, offering an inclusive tool.

By using gamification we transform every person into a committed actor of change in their local community. DoDo Dare is -as you are reading this pitch- growing a community of change makers who take on daily dares to build social cohesion by daring you to act for the greater good !

I bet you are telling yourself : "That is an AMAZING idea but how does it work ? And what is your value proposition ?"

The necessities in order to continue the project

Wether we win or not this hackathon, we firmly believe that the world has to DARE to continue acts of solidarity beyond the crisis, so Dodo Dare will keep going no matter what !

With that being said, it would be a great help for our team to benefit from the following help :

1. Strategic support in order to define our growth strategy both nationally and internationally

2. Technical support to build a strong and scalable MVP (starting from France then going international)

3. National and international media coverage in order to let the world know that we dare them to become true actors of change

The value of your solution(s) after the crisis

Dodo Dare goes beyond an only crisis tailored solution. As the Covid-19 crisis makes us rethink our societal model, this solution will truly shape the present and the future by creating a new society where everyday will be an opportunity to act locally for a global change.

Our next steps

Step 1. Create a community

  • Post daily Dodo Dares on Instagram @Dodo.dare
  • Provide valuable dares for our members

Step 2. Find sponsors

  • Partner with NGOs to link them with our community
  • Sell sponsorship to SMEs and large entreprises to advertise on our dares

Step 3. Conquer the market

  • Start with Paris because there is a dense population of our target audience and we are french
  • Expand nation wide and internationally

The URL to the prototype [Github, Website,...]



Dodo Dare (Facebook page)

Dodo Dare (VIP Community Facebook group)

Dodo Dare (Instagram page)

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