Gilit (Give A Little Get A Little) provides a platform to utilize human resources in a local community, allowing people to give and receive help without monetary incentives. Think StackOverflow for community resources! It aims to foster community engagement, spread kindness and promote well-ness in the world. We have prevention and intervention of sexual assaults, intoxication, and injuries for well-ness application in mind when creating the platform. Hence, when someone posts to ask for help for these reasons (bystanders included), a text message is sent out for immediate support.

What it does

  • Prepare database for the first run
  • Register for a free account, select your college campus
  • Discover what people need help with on the community forum board
  • Help out, wait for verification, gain points, build your total credit, and move up the status! (supporter-> hero -> superhero)
  • Use your points to ask for help, unless it's a well-ness related situation, you don't need points
  • When someone posts about a dangerous situation, a text message is sent out to the community via Twilio, with Google Maps directions to the location of the incident

How we built it

  • Web Technologies, caffeine, sugar, and love

Challenges we ran into

  • Working with a variety of technologies, an ambitious vision, sleep deprivation, and a limited team size

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We created a platform that embraces our shared philosophy of kindness

What we learned

  • PHP is a pain in the butt, learning how to work in a team under time pressure and low-key starvation

What's next for GiLit

  • Title IX mandatory, reporting, Green Dot certificate, more sophisticated verification mechanism, fraud report, more communities than college campus,... the sky is the limit
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