Gigi is your flower buddy, your most faithful friend, always at your side, supporting you in your every decision, making you smile throughout the day. She keeps you company in the dullest of moments, when you have nothing to play with but your Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch.

But just like with any real friend, you need to cherish your relationship and take care of your precious flower. You need to meet her basic needs, give her some love and also entertain her, so she can thrive forever by your side.

The longer you keep Gigi alive, the more resources you will have at your disposal to keep her flourishing.

If you neglect your flower buddy, she will fade and the game will be over, but you can always bring her back to life and start over (just make sure you take better care of her this time around!).

Compete with yourself and your friends and see who will keep Gigi alive the longest.

In the next version: *Earn money quicker by actually measuring your heart rate, by taking Gigi for a walk while counting steps and by recording messages for her. *More images and sound effects, improved graphics. *New functionalities as requested by Gigi's friends (app users).

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