"We rise by lifting others" - Robert Ingersoll

What motivates us is being part of a mission that is much bigger than ourselves. Throughout this project, we have learned that to create an impact, you need great human beings willing to spend their time on something bigger than themselves.

What we do?

GiGe is a perfect platform for sharing goods and services among students using a Coin system. Coins can be purchased as well as earned. The coins have certain properties of cryptocurrencies. Students can upload "gives" and "gets" which are the way of changing points. In "get", you spend points by getting some items, and in "give", you earn points by giving your items to students.That item can be almost anything like books, video games, assignments, electronics, projects, cycles, sports goods, etc. The giver has to upload details about the service.

It is basically an ecosystem that thrives on people helping each other. The coins are used to measure how much one is helping others. Students who "give" earn coins and they can spend those coins in the app to "get" things the need.

Working of the platform

Whenever a new account is made we give them a certain number of coins so they can start using GiGe after that they have to contribute to the GiGe ecosystem to earn coins and then spend those but they can also buy GiGe coins using real money(rupee).

You can change the location from My Campus to My City to see various "gets" available in your area.

We also have a chat feature so you can chat with the person who you are giving to or getting from. The giver can set the time for which they want to lend the item, and they can also add the points they required to buy the "get" and other details. Also when you buy a "get" your points are deducted after you pick up the item from the giver. The pickup address is mentioned in the give and you can chat and get to know specifics and set the time and other things.

You can also use our app and website to transfer GiGe coins to other students by QR code or directly using their username this payment feature makes the whole GiGe ecosystem complete with people getting incentives for helping others and those who help get coins which in turn help them by using GiGe platform.

We have reviews and ratings system for the "givers" and they can ask for loans in terms of coins for the services they are providing. Not everyone will get a loan but this can help many to get things they need but don't have enough points


We have made an app prototype and a website for the functioning of the ecosystem. The platforms have a seperate currency called GiGe coins which lets you buy gets. We have added features by using those you can transfer GiGe coins to others by various methods, also you can buy GiGe coins by using card, Paypal, Gpay etc You can see the working of that app and website in the video.


Nothing happens overnight it takes time dedication and networking. If you're not making someone else's life better you're wasting your time. To grow the GiGe platform we have a referral program which gets you GiGe coins for getting more people on our platform as more students join the platform there will be more "get" to buy using coins.

In all, we have created a community and an ecosystem for students to "Give and Get" help other students without much trouble and difficulties.#

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