People love music, but people love live music even more! Most of our team members are professional or semiprofessional musician who already familiar with issues existing with classic "middleman" approach and have its own fresh view on how all processes in this industry may be optimized with upcoming dApp technologies!

We came up with this platform / app around 2018 when the 2 founders Ben & Frank were setting up and running bars and restaurants in SE asia, both found it hard to find musicians for their venues and slowly came up with the GIGCO idea.

Many times booked musicians didn’t show up or cancelled last minute. Sometimes also being under the influence during the performance and not doing their job properly.

The other way around is also a problem because some venues won’t pay their musicians for the wrong reason.

Our GIG (smart) contracts will solve all this, because both parties have to commit to this contract before an event can be placed. If either the venue or artist violates this contract, then the other party will receive the entire amount. Both parties have 24 hour to submit a complaint if something went wrong. If this is not done, the tokens will be released to the correct party automatically.

Next to this, we allow artists to offer investment opportunities for their fans through partial or complete ownership of their work. Royalties from streaming and download sales are then split accordingly. Savvy fans who like to invest can then further trade these NFTs on the platforms Music Exchange.

What it does

Gigco connects together artists, venues and users who likes live music and give ability to arrange, find and perform gigs.

The app will display GIGS (live music events) around you on the home page. You can see how many people “staked” (Interested / Going) and the details of the event if you click on it.

It’s directly possible to see the GIG contract and to buy tickets. It will also be possible to stake on either artist or venue profiles, this will bring in a part of the revenue in tokens that GIGCO receives from this profile.

If you click on the artist profile you will see a $ button, this will open a tipping dialog where you can choose a token (GIG / SOL / USDC) and select a amount that you want to send to the artist.

In the home screen you can find the wallet in the right top, this will show you your balance and lets you deposit / withdraw from you account.

It will also show you a NFT tab, this is empty for now but will display music NFTs that a use owns, they can then choose to sell them or to claim the rewards from this NFT.

How we built it

We started building our MVP as ecosystem with API backend incorporated Lumen framework and Google Firebase and flutter/dart mobile application as a client. We chosen flutter package as a wrapper for Solana JSON RPC API calls.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our tem decided to jump in Solana hackathon just last week before deadline so in a few days we implemented basic functions to interact with Solana blockchain on devnet, communicated with other developers and created quite simple but working application that implement real transactions that can be traced in Solana devnet Blockchain!

What we learned

Loads of information on crypto/blockchain technologies, Solana infrastructure and devtools.

What's next for Gigco

We going to build Solana on-chain program to implement Gig agreements and other functionality as smart contract so entire GIGCO ecosystem will turn into DeFi dApp. Our team already have plan for future ICO/IDO and designing tokenomics with our own GIG tokens.

Read more about the project in our intro blog:

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