Gig economy companies are very secretive about the earning data of their workers. But if every individual worker could bring together their payslips, we could crowdsource this data to hold these companies to account, and truly understand this rapidly growing sector of work.

What it does

Provides a frictionless interface for gig economy workers to provide their invoices, dockets and payslips.

How I built it

I wanted to learn how to better structure my work at this years' Anvil, and so I built the application using the Slim microframework - which I found really easy to get in to, and the time and environment provided by Anvil has been hugely useful in giving the opportunity to learn this.

Challenges I ran into

JSON and PHP variable dumps look very similar at 2am, and I'll never get those two hours of my life back.

What's next for Gig Invoice Tracker

A lot of functionality is missing - so far it can only consume the invoices, but not much else. I'm still hugely proud of what I achieved, though.

Built With

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