Upset at our lack of ability to find proper gifts for our friends in a timely manner, we created GiftStorm to help people find gifts better.

What it does

GiftStorm finds the perfect gift for your friends and family. We use artificial intelligence to curate gifts that people actually like - something that Amazon,, and other gift catalogs don't do a good job of. All you need to do is answer a few questions about the gift recipient and the most relevant gifts will be found for them.

Challenges we ran into

Developing the front-end layout was a challenge as we had not had much experience with front-end development prior to this project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The front-end took a lot of trial-and-error, but we were glad to have the opportunity to gain insight into the front-end development cycle. We are also proud of the final turn-out of the project, as we were anxious as to how well we could get everything working together.

What we learned

We built our team development skills through version control and effective communication as well as experience with PHP and front-end development.

What's next for GiftStorm

We could expand the various factors that are taken into account for the AI algorithm to create a more fine-grain gift selection process. This could lead to higher levels of accuracy in terms of matching certain aspects of a person with different types of gifts.

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