Pictures describe what words cannot. We believe that no matter what language you speak, you have the right to express yourself. A picture tells a thousand words, a string of pictures tell a thousand words. And a GIF tells a thousand more. Where others focus on words, we focus on the universal language of images.

What it does

The application captures the emotions of people around the world in two distinct ways.

It has the ability to convert the text of any language into GIFs, as well as detecting emotions from pictures and converting those into appropriate GIFs.

Using the Google Translate API, the application allows the user to type any language into the search bar and utilizes the GIPHY Translate API to output a GIF that captures their sentiment regardless of language.

The application also has the ability to detect emotions from images and translate those emotions into GIFs. Using the Google Cloud Vision API, we detect the emotions, and fetch an appropriate GIF using the GIPHY APi.

How we built it

We built our web application using the Flask package for Python. We then used HTML5 to structure our web pages, using Bootstrap as the framework for organizing them. We used CSS3 to stylize the pages. In order to translate the any-language user text input, we used the Google Translate API. To derive emotions from pictures, we used Google Cloud Vision API's Face Detection labeling. To retrieve GIFs based on our user input of either text or a face-containing image, we used the GIPHY API. Specifically, we used the Translate endpoint to allow for a broader array of emotional input to be accepted and to return more relevant results. Finally, we hosted our application on Google Cloud Platform's App Engine to allow access beyond our local devices. We used GitHub for version control and code collaboration.

Challenges we ran into

None of our team members had prior experience with web app development or APIs. As such, we had to learn during the course of development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of and what we learned

Learning false stack web development and how to utilize APIs over the course of a few days

What's next for GEOPHY

Making a mobile app version and integrated keyboard!

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