It's a week before Christmas, and like all student's we haven't done our shopping and don't know what to get everyone. Instead of trawling across Amazon like the rest of our ilk, we decided to create a program to do it for us! secret santas can be hard, what if we buy our sister the wrong present, or even worse ... our mum!!!

What it does

the current basic version takes in tags which the user can choose 5 of for the person they are buying a present and the algorith returns 5 presents it thinks the person will enjoy.

How we built it

We created most of the logic in Python, running it all on a Django web server.

Challenges we ran into

Amazon web services didn't want to play nice with Django! After one of us spent most of Saturday and some of Sunday trying to make it work, we decided to give it a rest and present it locally!

Built With

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