I wanted a simple project that I thought would interest other people. With my knowledge of ANSI terminal escape sequences and a little inspiration from, I decided to make a site that would automatically generate and stream ascii-rendered GIFs to a terminal (using curl).

The program curl downloads data over TCP and streams the output to the terminal. Putting escape sequences in the data streamed from server to client means that you can clear the terminal, change colors, and more.

If you're interested in learning more about how it technically works, I recommend reading the Wikipedia article on ANSI escape codes.

How I built it

I used Flask as a webserver, because I only really needed one endpoint and it is very simple without being a pain to work with. Python is easy to prototype out with as well. Dockerizing the implementation did not take very long and is very useful for portability. Deploying on an Ubuntu server was particularly easy since the project was Dockerized.


I plan to release the source code as soon as I have the chance to clean it up.


Run curl in your terminal to view an animated party parrot.

To view any GIF, run curl

For example, running curl will reveal an animated parrot in your terminal.

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