Somu had his birthday party last weekend and the only gifts he received were gift cards. We wanted to make gift choices more creative and varied. Society is transitioning towards increase social media use, and our app takes advantage of that trend.

What it does

GiftGiver is a web application which recommends gifts for people based on their social media follows and likes. It enables one to pick out a gift which the person will truly like.

How we built it

Our main script was written in Python. We implemented several APIs to make sure our vision came to fruition. We used Twitter APIs to find the liked posts of a follower. With these liked posts, we then used the Google APIs to identify important objects in these posts, and recommend gifts for the user. This was all done under a web application written in HTML and CSS, which was integrated with our Python script through Flask, a library which connects and integrates Python scripts and HTML web pages.

Challenges we ran into

The first challenge we ran into was getting data from the webpage into Python for analysis. Displaying images on the website was also a challenge that we faced. We also ran into some trouble with the Google API and its developer keys. Because these keys were supposed to be private and secure, putting them in our programs and pushing and pulling through GitHub was not allowed. However, we were able to overcome this and complete our program in time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were proud of the fact that it can be applied to a real-life scenarios right now in it's functioning form.

What we learned

We learned to integrate multiple distinct APIs that could function together cohesively in the project.

What's next for GiftGiver

We would like to improve the user interface and have a greater interaction with images. We would also like to improve the efficiency of the program so it can function faster and more conveniently.

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