Recieving gifts and prizes is a very memorable moment for everyone. Personalizing this gifting experience and the entire engagement among all users involved is what have drawn us to develop this platform.

What it does

Giftasy is a platform that can be used by influencers and event organisers for gifting digital gift cards as prizes at events.

Sometimes social media influencers and event organizers face problems while conducting quiz events, surveys, and contests both online and offline, like organizing participants, conducting quiz, scoring, engaging with participants and distribution of prizes,.

By providing event organizers with an easy to use integrated platform for both conducting quizzes and for distribution of prizes, we are providing an end to end solution.

The process starts with the event host starting an event. Questions along with 4 choices will be displayed on the participants screen. Upon completion of the quiz, score is calculated for each participant. Once the quiz is done, the event host can now send the gift cards to the participants by navigating to the Gift Cards page. The user is presented with a curated list of gift cards, like holiday, anniversary, children gift cards or he can select from the available gift cards and enter the winner(destination) details and send the gift.

After sending, the digital gift cards will be delivered to winners via SMS or email.

Events industry is worth US$ 1135 billion and is expected to garner US$ 1152 billion by 2028.

The usage of digital gift cards as way to distribute prizes is also set to increase.

Team Bio

Naveen A self-taught programmer doing bachelor's degree in biotechnology and Has 2 yrs of experience as a fullstack developer in many startups. I’m passionate about great UX, quality code, best practices, clean minimal interfaces, and performance. My favorite color is gray because I don't have to change that for dark and light themes :P.

Manoj An AI enthusiast experienced in the development of tech solutions using automation, artificial intelligence, web services, and others.

Ayush I am a self-taught Full Stack Developer who likes to solve problems.I Merge a passion for usability and user experience with technical Knowledge to create cool digital experiences.

Nishat I'm a creative writer and designer, currently learning programming for web contents who is Interested in learning new skills and exploring new topics. I’m passionate about great UI. I have good experience in figma, upwork, wordpress, VS code Studio. Apart from studies, I love reading about psychology and working in startups. My dream is to be a neuroscientist or study quantum physics.

RT Rao Has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science Engineering. I Have 8+ yrs experience in IT as a Python / Django developer. Have worked in a startup as a lead. Loves product designing

and brainstorming Ideas. Currently on a sabbatical leave.

How we built it

We have built this platform using React and Firebase. Designed UI / UX in Figma. We have listed down the requirements and distributed the work amongst ourselves. We followed scrum methodology approach and had scrum calls everyday. We choose the tech stack that can help us deliver the best and go-live soon.

Challenges we ran into Giftasy

We felt that studying the entire value chain of the gift card system, dissecting and identifying where value can be added, studying the events management and influencers platforms, brainstorming ideas, managing time and prioritising tasks are challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have completed the prototype showcasing the entire process of conducting events and distributing gift cards.

What we learned

We have learned how to dissect the value chain and add value at intermediary stages, identify gaps in the market, manage time, and how to deliver personalized gifting experience for users.

What's next for Giftasy

We would like to go-live with the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and on-board users onto the platform, making users adapt to the platform, close feedback loops, and incrementally add value to the system, help influencers with user analytics and make informed decisions.

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