My mother and so many other grandparents like her have always had a struggle knowing EXACTLY what their grandkids want for birthdays, Christmas, etc.

What it does

This app allows children to directly scan the barcode from the item that they want and to send that information to a "Connection" through the app such as mom or grandma. It can also be used for applications such as wedding registries, secret santa among coworkers, graduation gifts, etc. There will be no more guesswork as to which of the 200 "Star Wars toys" that your grandchild wants or the 5 bracelets that "all look the same" that your wife might like ;-)

How we built it

Our team used the program xCode and the language Swift to create an outline of the app in which you can move through the pages and get a taste of the possibilities with Giftability.

Challenges we ran into

None of us have ever touched the language Swift or attempted an iOS application before and only two of the four of us have ever had any experience coding before! This weekend we decided to challenge ourselves to create something new and intimidating!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having actually made any kind of app at all ;-) Our team is also very proud to have had an opportunity to code together and to have created something like this in so few hours.

What we learned

It really hurts your wrist when you work on your Mac for more than 7 hours. We also learned a lot of Swift in an extremely short amount of time!

What's next for Giftability

My roommates and I plan to continue the development of Giftability and to hopefully someday achieve full functionality for use by my mom and others.

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