Originally I wanted to build a trustless twitter NFT giveaway where a user could navigate to a site, connect their wallet, see all their NFT's, choose one to send to a smart contract, have that contract use Chainlink and Twitter API to execute a fully trustless giveaway.

Got half of it done and then realized how awful the Twitter API is and makes this impossible. (can't get all retweets or likes of a post)

We decided to pivot to sending and receiving gifts but unfortunately only got to the sending portion.

What it does

Currently you can sign in, display all nfts erc 721 or 1155 and send them. Also added functionality to search for NFT's of a target address.

How we built it

Using the Moralis API and following their tutorial of transferring erc 721 and 1155 tokens

Challenges we ran into

Twitter api sucks.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Got Chainlink VRF working for randomness and connecting to API's in testing. Deployed contract to rinkeby successfully, and could display all NFT's + send them.

What we learned

Web3 API's > web2

What's next for Gift Wrapping NFT's

A decentralized white elephant experience??

Built With

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