Gift Card Dapp For Businesses

Merchant issues Gift Card points and transfers them to the user whenever user purchases Gift Card for later use. Later whenever user wants to buy something, then they can make the purchase using Gift Card points.


During the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown, most of the businesses across the world are affected. Most of their revenue streams are affected and they may be forced to shutdown if they do not find any other revenue source. Hence I decided to work on Gift Card Dapp for Businesses which allows users to support businesses.

Why Gift Cards?

  • During the coronavirus pandemic, gift cards are a lifeline for small businesses.
  • Allows people a way to support businesses.
  • Businesses can generate revenue when their existing revenue streams are reduced or interrupted.
  • People can redeem their gift card in full or in part, which can encourage return visits.
  • People can buy a gift card for someone else or use it themselves.
  • Businesses can start online orders powered by gift card payments.

Why blockchain?

Blockchain allows to track the issuance and the transfer of Gift Card points. It also ensures transparency and accountability. It also provides a seamless experience to the businesses and users.

Setup and Instructions

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