To tackle 1) The increasing organ trafficking issue 2) The lack of informed dependants to initiate the process after donors death 3) The lack of proper data to conduct a proper match in limited time 4) The lack of proper and legally recording of data involving processes 5) The lack of proper database connecting the details of identity record and health record of the donor and receiver

What it does

Etherium blockchain brings more transparency and authenticity to the system by integrating each transaction happening in the process of organ donation, from the donor, medical institution, legal authority to the receiver

How we built it

We stored the health records of a person on IPFS and granted limited access to the confidential health record through NuCypher. we built this entire application on Ethereum platform to register the each and every status and approval of participating agents. We used smart contracts for matchmaking process of donor and receiver in real time and to initiate all the other processes.

Challenges we ran into

Currently, we have only implemented the whole application using Ethereum Smart Contracts, but as the system grows and the user base increases, IPFS and NuCypher has to be brought into the picture which helps facilitate the data storage and access facility. We faced another challenge of how we were to match the donor and the donee and update the list. Also, the design of the system is a scaled-down version of the original version and is limited by the time frame as the time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were successfully able to complete the phase 1 of the system, considering the timeframe and limitation of the team to understand the technology, like IPFS and NuCypher.

What we learned

Well, we learned about how the only blockchain is the not the standalone solution with the current platforms in place and blockchain is completed by other cooler applications out there in the market. We learned about how huge impact this can create for a child or a person by receiving appropriate technology on time.

What's next for Gift a Life

The next plans are to take this really to the market with the enhanced features and support. This application, at this juncture, is an infant and requires a lot of improvement and enhancements. This is possible with the amalgamation of different tech stacks in the application.

Built With

  • etherium
  • ipfs
  • nupsipher
  • smart-contracts
  • solidity
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