Watching the API demos we thought to integrate Giphy and Clarifai.

What it does

One the website you can upload a picture of a face and it renders happy GIF if the face is happy and a sad GIF if the face is sad. Similarly, you can send a picture to our number on the site and get back a GIF. Also, on the site you can input the url of a picture online and get an equivalent functionality. Additionally, you can search the Giphy database for GIFs.

How we built it

On express.js, hosted on aws, and integrating Twilio API for MMS functionality, Clarifai API for detecting if a face is sad or happy, and Giphy APU to search for sad and happy GIFs.

Challenges we ran into

Modularization, figuring how to convert binary file representing an image to base-64 to be able to pass the data to clarifai.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works surprisingly well for the emotions we taught it.

What we learned

Collaboration, integration of multiple APIs, AI API.

What's next for GifMe

Teach it to recognize many other emotions.

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