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Taylor Swift. We want to combine photos from around the world to make up and represent a larger picture. For example, Dilpreet loves Tay Tay Swift, so he could take a selfie and have a photo collage made up of him with Taylor Swift images. Cat lovers can make collages of their pets made up of photos of other cats! Take a picture of your favourite Footy team and turn it into a collage of your favourite player!

How it works

The user selects a photo from their gallery/downloads or takes a shot from their camera, then enters an "interest" or search query to build up the collage of images from around the world!

Challenges we ran into

The Bing API has terrible documentation. Gosh...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating this in less than 23 hours when we had our original idea for the hackathon shot down. The technical difficulties (especially when sleep deprived) we ran into with little to no prior experience in the problem domain.

What we learned

The Bing API is terrible. Handling 1,000+ image requests on an iPhone is surprisingly viable. Also, the results turned out far more impressive than we had anticipated!

What's next for Gifme

Animated GIFs for our photo collages! Creating an image representing something, but with animated GIFs!

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