Sometimes in life, you just need to give that pitch or speech on the fly and you don't really have great supporting images. Modern day standards for good presentations dictate that the speech itself have more content than your powerpoint. No one wants to read your bulletpoints as you read them aloud.

What it does

Gifly generates relevant images for your presentation on the fly.

How we built it

We take your voice. We transcribe it with IBM Bluemix. We query GIPHY. We return that gif. You profit.

Challenges we ran into

Learning node.js as we went. Callbacks and such. So bloody annoying.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning node.js as we went. In fact, learning javascript as we went.

What we learned

GIPHY API is, well, exactly what one would expect from GIPHY.

What's next for Gifly

It'll run fact checks and background checks, live relevant news on the fly also.

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