I just hate preparing pitch decks and also I hate boring speeches with powerpoint presentations on a blank background and 20 bullets per slide.

What it does

It hears you. It understands you. It visualizes what you're saying. And you just have to talk talk tal.

How I built it

Javascript and Red Bulls.

Challenges I ran into

Javascript and heart palpitations. Also CSS is really really really annoying.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Just making this work is an accomplishment in itself to be completely honest.

What I learned

I now understand the hype for node.js. Finally.

What's next for Giflî

Time to actually build a good working version of this in a less hacky fashion. And get some team members who see the potential that I see in this project.

Also it has trouble when the user stutters/hesitates during the speech. Which is a problem. But the pieces are all there.

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