Our only bug: please watch the video on mute. Did not realize the video was recording sound when it shouldn't have.


We always found text monotonous, and couldn't completely convey what we wanted to say. What better than to have gifs to that for us? How else do we convey sarcasm, apart from any gif of Chandler from Friends?

What it does

GIFit2me is a Google Chrome extension that takes in your Facebook message that you've highlighted, and copies a URL of a gif relevant to your message to the clipboard. We use the IBM Bluemix AlchemyLanguage API to process your Facebook message. The API picks out key emotions and ideas in your message. E.g. "The bankers are broke" --> "finance" and "bank". We then feed these keywords to the GIPHY API which then gives us a URL to a gif that is relevant to the keywords. The URL is automatically copied to your clipboard and you can just paste the URL into your Facebook chat. Your friends see the gifs thumbnail and laugh their heads off.

How we built it

We use Chrome to inject a script to the current webpage to send the selected text to the Chrome extension, which in turns uses IBM Bluemix AlchemyAPI to scrap out the keywords in the message, and get a relevant GIF from the internet.

Challenges we ran into

We had quite a hard time starting off because we didn't know how to access your selected Facebook message in the webpage

Accomplishments that we're proud of

None of us worked with Chrome extensions or APIs before, so our idea was pretty ambitious at first. We're extremely proud of how we managed to learn everything AND pull everything off within these 24 hours.

What we learned

A LOT! We're Freshman who've taken just taken one intro level Computer Science course so we can safely say that we've come out as having learned way more than we would've had we just stayed in our dorm and ignored DragonHacks completely. All four of us went way out of our comfort zone. So, thank you DragonHacks!

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