Create an immersive way to experience and interact with gfycats in your environment.

What it does

Gfycats in AR. Search for gfycats and place them in the environment. Geolocation added to gfycat so you can see gfycats placed in the same area by other users.

How we built it

Unity, C#, Hololens Toolkit

Challenges we ran into

Current version of unity isn't friendly with streaming most video formats (OGG only). For live streaming of new gfycats we need either updates to unity to support more video formats, or OGVs from gfycat, or our own server to convert them on the fly. Lots of fine tuning necessary to keep the pictures in the interactable environment.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Succesfully placing gfycats into the environment in AR, moving them, and placing them on walls.

What we learned

Playing with gifs in AR is fun and has a lot of potential for social interaction.

What's next for Gfytti

Tweak search and stream process to be more fluid and add ability to browse and select from search results. Incorporate official tagging of geolocation on images that user chooses

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