Wanting to be able to find the perfect gif, but never being able to.

What it does

Does a full-text search through a database of movie subtitles to find the best, most relevant quotes that match your search. These are then rendered into a custom gif and delivered to your alexa show devices.

How we built it & Challenges we ran into

We (tried to) build this primarily using lots of trial and error. It turns out the show doesn't support gifs - it will only render the first frame. It all went downhill from there... We ended up updating the api to render mp4 files in addition to the gifs for the show's VideoApi, however we were unable to get them to display on the screen despite the simplicity of the example

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting anything to work at all! None of us had any alexa experience and we were able to make something that actually does something.

What's next for Giffer

Without much real alexa skill experience progress was slow-going. Given more time the ability to integrate the following key features:

  • Slack Integration: being able to create a gif is cool, but really it needs to be able to go somewhere. Integrating with a shared messaging platform lets us share these image with coworkers and enhance our conversations. Finding the right gif is an art, and this tool can dramatically simplify it.
    • eg. find me a gif of "why me" and post it to the dev-internal channel
  • Enhanced editing capabilities: The gif creation API also supports selecting multiple quotes at the same time. Often times gifs need to include dialog that spans multiple subtitle frames so being able to include the lines surrounding the match in an intuitive way would be very helpful.
    • eg. add the two lines following that

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