As first time hackers, we were eager to explore new territories through hacking while constructing an application that would be challenging as well as unprecedented. Our GIF Puzzle Slider application is the product of working towards these goals. Finding static puzzle slider applications is not too difficult. However, there are very few--if any--15 puzzle slider applications whose tiles are animated GIFs. We believe this application provides an intellectually stimulating challenge for users, as they must fit together the pieces of--literally--a living picture. Through doing this project, we also had the opportunity to learn more about web development.

This application is targeted towards individuals of all ages. We are proud of several features, including:

  • Ability to record video through webcam or mobile camera for instantaneous sliding puzzle construction, which is facilitated by the Ziggeo API

  • Server-side processing of videos for puzzle construction via FFmpeg and ImageMagick

  • Simple navigational interface and sleek design

  • Server storage of previously generated puzzles as well as ability to manage storage

  • Visual display of a stop-watch count for time used to solve a puzzle

  • Option to tweet puzzle solving times

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