VISA International defined "ownership" as "non-transferable right of participation".

What it does:

It starts asking how Users can own software systems (including memes, memory, network, consensus, money)

How I built it:

google presentations, javascript, node, yaml, DAT

Challenges I ran into:

clarity, feature creep

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

root the prob maybe

What I learned:


What's next for GIF: Player Owns The Game.

1) WIN: make Wyoming #1 in modernizing the MEME of money a) compare ledgers w/ U of WYO b) own most fun distributed APP in history c) sell network choice 2) RESET: hide all complexity 3) ASK: if creative non-programmers wanna take control of GIF, if so then how? 4) LEGALIZE: if users want, then 'make players own game' legally; define 'OWNERSHIP' as 'non-transferable right of participation' extending to all users, makers, players

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