The inspiration for this project comes from the convergence of typically two unrelated topics; Hip Hop and Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technologies. As a fan of Hip Hop culture, I began to pay more attention to Battle Rap, a subgenre of Hip Hop entertainment but in a sport-like format wherein two rappers face off in an acapella battle of lyricism, wordplay, and performance ability. As I began to follow Battle Rap more closely, it was clear that many of the rap battles did not end in a clear winner because there was no voting mechanism or fair judging in place to do so.

Simultaneously, I was spending a lot of time looking into blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, trying to wrap my head around it. Once I grasped the concept that an encrypted transaction, more specifically a ‘vote’, can be recorded on a distributed ledger, immutable and publicly verifiable, I soon realized that this was the perfect solution to the problem of the need for a fair voting mechanism for not just the battle rap leagues that I'm a fan of, but the 800+ battle rap leagues around the world.

Furthermore, I realized this can also be good to society as an example of how to successfully build a decentralized voting mechanism for any institution that would like to ensure truly fair and democratic online voting processes.

What it does

Gideon is the new home for battle rap. It is a streaming, voting, and gaming platform for the battle rap industry. This means that battle rap leagues will be able to: stream rap battles live or pre-recorded from anywhere in the world, users can now vote on the outcome of rap battles using our decentralized voting mechanism, and with those statistics, users can then also safely participate in online fantasy gaming and betting for the first time.

We will also offer additional features such as league administration, digital & QR code ticketing, merchandising, ad leads, and more to registered leagues.

How we built it

The first step we took was to create specifically what the core modules would be for the application MVP. After we settled on those modules, we then had someone create a mockup of that core application with some additional features for a sense of the UI/UX.

Once those initial steps were complete, we teamed up with a back end developer through this hackathon and went over each of the modules and discussed in detail which functions and smart contracts would be necessary for each module. We also saw what Hackathon challenges were inherently built into our project and decided to focus on those. We then discussed some potential API integrations that may lessen the time we spend on programming certain features. Once we settled on how to proceed in those regards, we were able to complete our submission.

Challenges we ran into

It was a challenge to find a front end developer in time. We also had some trouble finding APIs of products we liked that were compatible with Hedera.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One of the accomplishments we are proud of is potentially finding a back end developer that expressed interest in working on the project beyond just this hackathon. Another accomplishment is having the core smart contracts for our application MVP completed, all within such a short amount of time.

What we learned

We learned the value of APIs and how they can streamline the development of an application. We also realized that the individual modules such as the User OnRamp, the NFT based betting, and the voting mechanism can all be licensed out as B2B products themselves if well executed.

What's next for Gideon

We will work on securing a back end and front end developer to further develop our smart contracts and UI/UX for a ready-to-launch product by the end of Q3 as well as seek funding either from venture capital, grants and/or crowdfunding from the battle rap community to bring on some more core team members and begin to onboard a sample size of leagues to the platform by the end of 2022.

We are also launching our campaign, “Battle Rap Expansion: Summer: 22” where we offer free interns to all members of the battle rap community; battle rappers, battle rap leagues, and battle rap media throughout the country. We see this as a great opportunity to make connections and build key relationships within the industry.

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