Our inspiration for Giddy Up and Go was to create games like snake, the Chrome dinosaur game, and flappy bird. We originally wanted to make our website entirely game based, but quickly realized we could add much more. It turned into a website filled with photos, a name generator, fun facts, some music and photos of everyone on the team in wanted posters!

What it does

Our website has a variety of uses, but primarily can be used for entertainment. It includes various features like Desert Dash (a Wild West themed game), a cowboy name generator based on birth month, a cacti photo gallery, and a cowboy calendar. We also included some fun facts about cowboys and the wild west, and an embedded western themed spotify playlist.

How we built it

We used to create our project. We used HTML to create the basic layout of our website, such as our navigation bar, headers, cursor, buttons, and other information we displayed on our pages. In order to then format and really make our website what we envisioned we added CSS to each of our pages in order to give our site a background, add a color scheme, and generally format any of the information we wrote in our HTML in a way that complimented our webpage. We also used Javascript in order to animate the game we created, Desert Dash, as well as animating different responses when it came to coding our random cowboy name generator.

Challenges we ran into

With most of our team members being complete beginners, we ran into lots of bumps along our journey with creating the website. The bit of coding that we did know was primarily HTML/CSS, so using Javascript so much throughout our project, especially when it came to coding our mini game was challenging for us. For example, one of our members spent four hours trying to add a game over sequence to Desert Dash, while another spend a couple of hours on the Cowboy Name Generator. We also struggled a bit with the formatting of our website, but all in all we were able to learn more than we did before and create what we had envisioned for our project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are especially proud that we were able to program Desert Dash, as none of us had ever coded games before on JavaScript. We also adore our Cowboy Name Generator which required us to learn new JavaScript techniques in order to execute. Additionally, we are proud of the Wanted posters which can be seen in the Meet Us Page which our wonderful teammate Naomy designed for us with much creativity.

What we learned

Our team members learned how to code a game in JavaScript and make it function in a website. We learned how to use different functions in order to run the Desert Dash game. We learned lots of uses for JavaScript between our Desert Dash game and the Cowboy Name Generator, which we really didn't have much experience in before. We also learned how to add a difference curso and a spotify playlist to our website.

What's next for Giddy Up and Go

In future iterations, we would like to add a game over function to our game Desert Dash. We would also like to implement more games into our project. For example, early on, we wanted to implement a game called Flappy Boot which used the controls of Flappy Bird, making it wild west themed. We had never coded games in JavaScript or in websites prior to this project so we look forward to learning more and gaining the power to program more games into our website.

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