This is a meme project, but according to the internet, memes are popular. Some messaging apps implement gifs, but they also rely on text. We took using gifs in chat to the extreme.

What it does

This app using the search API to query gifs according to your message and sends a match to the serarch instead of your text.

How we built it

We used Python Flask with Flask's Socket-IO module to send messages via sockets. It is a distributed chat platform that syncs all users simultaneously.

Challenges we ran into

Currently, the chat platform uses nicknames to enter the chat. We could not capture the nicknames to create a user list. We wanted to use mentions for users to address everyone in the chat or a specific set of users, but because it is a distributed service, each client would have to sync a copy of the user database. Also, we did not find a way to find when a user closes his or her connection.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Every team member learned a new technology and none of us has ever created a chat application before.

What we learned

Sleep is precious. Data flow of a message service via sockets. Javascript

What's next for Gibbergif

This application can be improved in many ways. We would love to make it a smartphone and tablet app, because most users would prefer to use this on the most popular computing platform among millennials and younger generations. The platform can be monetized in several ways. One being analytics to be used for marketing firms to target this application's user base. The other is custom games.

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