We are inspired by feeling that you get as a child amongst your toys.

What it does

Its a game that gives you the ability to play as a giant amongst tiny people. You aim by looking around and tapping the the Gear VR touch pad. If you look down you will stomp the minions. if you look a little ahead you will kick them afar and you can hold the touch pad and release while looking at a plan to shoot it down.


How we built it

The game is built in unity specially targeted to the GearVR for the Archiact VR Global Game

Challenges we ran into

Currently in development

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Currently in development

What we learned

Currently in development

What's next for Giant VR

We hope to increase the experience by making a second game in HTC vive.

Built With

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posted an update

We just added visuals from the Giant VR for our Global Archiact Jam - Milestone 2 submission. You can see the assets that will be used in the game. Currently you can kill the minions by aiming at them. Animations are soon to come!

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