Ghym is a distributed cloud computing platform that allows users to host jobs on their computers or assign jobs to other computers. When a job is assigned, a small fee is charged based on how much RAM is requested and how long the job takes. The host gets most of the fee and the rest goes to the Ghym project. Currently, our service only supports python due to python being the most common language for computationally expensive tasks.

We came up with this idea because we realized the processing power of old computers, with 20 to 50 million metric tons of e-waste being thrown out, causing many toxic metals and chemicals to be thrown into the environment. This project could scale exponentially with more computers being thrown every year, causing our network to keep growing, eventually possibly overtaking AWS or GCP.

Some of the problems we faced were integrating a native electron app with the mongo database because we needed to keep it secure and not give the client editing permissions. Another one of the problems we faced is that the asynchronous queue of jobs wouldn't power up, due to errors in the mongoDB cluster. We also had some trouble with file uploading and running python code natively and relaying the output back to the assigner of the job.

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