People hate Autonomous cars, so we created a product that would help ease that process of transitioning into an age of autonomous cars.

What it does

Uses Google Home Mini to control your autonomous car through voice commands instead of touch input, to increase safety and make the transition to autonomous cars easier.

How I built it

Used DialogFlow to create intents and creating commands for Google Home

Challenges I ran into

  1. Getting our team-mates google account suspended for "Suspicious Activity"
  2. Learning Javascript
  3. Getting Data Speed's simulator working
  4. Transmitting the Google Voice commands from DialogFlow, through Firebase to the simulator on the linux machine of the data speeds simulator for the demo

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. Taking an idea into a product with unmeasurable value in the real world

What I learned

  1. javascript
  2. Even though technology is the future, it still has work to do to become a more reliable, stable source

What's next for ghvoicecmds_for_autocar

  1. Being able to transmit GH voice commands from DialogFlow to CANBUS, and then testing it with Autonomous Cars.

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