In scripting, copy-pasting blocks of text is fast, simple, and effective. It's also boring. The solution: a command line accessible application that outputs blocks of text one character at a time. You'll swear a ghost was at the keyboard...

USAGE: (Command Line)

GhostWriter.ahk [options] mode content target

options: -fast greatly reduces delays

t __ parrots content; ignores target param
f __ parrots file content; ignores target param
tf __ appends content to target file
ff __ appends file content to target file
rc __ treats content and target as text; simultaneously outputs both on separate lines

content: the text to be parroted; mode may specify that it is actually a filename, whose contents should be parroted

target: the file to be appended by content; may be ignored; for rc is treated as text


GhostWriter.ahk t "text to be parroted a character at a time"
GhostWriter.ahk -fast t "text to be parroted very rapidly"
GhostWriter.ahk f "FileWhoseContentsWillBeParroted.txt"
GhostWriter.ahk tf "text which will be appended" "FileToBeAppended.txt"
GhostWriter.ahk ff "AppendingFileContents.txt" "FileToBeAppended.txt"
GhostWriter.ahk rc "Slowly parroted text" "Rappidly parroted text."


The included driver may be run to demo the application. As file system configurations may differ, the config section of the autohotkey files may need editing.

Built With

  • autohotkey
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