We were inspired by Snapchat's new story streams of world famous events such as the World Cup, the Electric Daisy Carnival, or Oktoberfest in Germany. We wanted others to have that same experience and contribute to a livestream of life around them, so we built Ghostframe.

Ghostframe lets users view other photos taken nearby, and then rank them if they so choose. If users want to see the newest content, they can visit the 'New' tab, and if they want to see the best rated content, they can visit the the 'Hot' tab. If a user wants to take their own pictures, they can easily add them via the camera button.

We're most proud of how complete Ghostframe is. It has a simple, gesture based, intuitive UI, backed by a nodejs + mongodb server with image assets hosted on dropbox. Ghostframe currently only has an iPhone app, but it could quickly be implemented on any other platform as it has a restful API http://api.ghostfra.me

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