Trust is a valuable and scarce commodity. You trust your family and your friends, but you don’t need to trust anyone with your money. Trusted third parties often betray your trust and lose your savings. You don’t know how and where your money is, who it is lent to, or leveraged? Is the money even there? What is their margin on your yield?

There are more than 50 billion yield-bearing assets locked in centralized entities like Celsius, nexo, blockfi,, and CEXes and they are all prone to hacks and rug pulls.

What it does

The first-ever non-custodial decentralized yield optimizer gives users the highest yield possible on AAVE. It searches and farms the highest-yielding pool and then unstakes, swap, and stakes to a higher-yielding pool when found.

How we built it

We utilized uniswap for exchanging and aave for yield.

Challenges we ran into

When to instruct ghostbuster to switch farming pool A and go to pool B (keeping in mind gas cost and slippage)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It is an innovative approach to yield aggregation.

What we learned

We learned that there are several approaches to solving the "when" problem and we can complicate it and enhance it recursively.

What's next for Ghostbuster

Adding other protocols and chains

Built With

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