Ghost Pacer - Usage Instructions

Main Screen

Ghost pacer is a pebble watchapp to aid you in improving your running pace.

The Ghost Pacers

You've the option of choosing one of the ghost pacers, a pace which you're comfortable with, or a desired pace you want to improve up to.

The Dots

The left dot is your selected ghost, the right dot is you. Your goal is to run fast enough, so that the right dot (you) is a bit ahead or in-line, along with the left dot (your ghost).

Ghost Pacer - The Story Behind

Running, I can say, is one of those things that has changed my life.

One of the things, that I have learnt as a runner: to improve your pace you need a constant reminder of your current pace, along with the desired pace that you want to improve yourself upto. Auditory aid apps do a poor job of solving this gap, and it is very uncomfortable to keep taking your phone out of your arm pocket, for a visual aid, while you are running. I felt these pain points needed to be addressed, and HackIndia provided a perfect in with providing everything I needed for the same: Pebble + Food. :-)

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