I'm deeply saddened that home automation is not fully implemented in our lives. I also love toast.

What it does

It loads bread into a toaster toasts it and drops it on a plate. You run the automated toaster with a text, click of a webpage, android app, or pebble app.

How I built it

The automated toaster part is using 3 servos, raspberry pi, toaster, and storage container. The pi is running a python script that is checking our firebase database to see if it is being signaled to make toast. We implemented it so that we can add many different technologys to update the firebase and made toast.

Challenges I ran into

Customizing the frame for the hardware was very difficult. It involved a lot of dremeling. Also, getting pwm to work properly with the servos on the pi. Constantly, getting stuck was a major problem.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It's a finished fully automated toaster that you can communicate with in many different ways! We are very proud to have been able to successfully finish the toaster and have time to add different forms of communication!

What I learned

I learned a lot about servos and getting them to work properly with raspberry pi. Also, setting up firebase and updating it.

What's next for Ghost Toast

Ghost toast will be in my kitchen after I tweak some things and improve the magazine for the bread so that I could load a whole loaf instead of only 4 pieces of bread. I hope it inspires others to jump into the home automation world!

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