Pac-Man and Bomberman, if they were stitched together and FPS VR games.

What it does

Your character is a funny wheeled robot. But ghosts are never far away and their maleficent laugh will remind you to hide!

○ Dynamic environment and A.I: Walls are entirely breakable! That means ghosts can analyze changes to their environment and chase you even through a fresh broken wall. You're lucky, they are many bonuses around you!

○ Customizable game: Graphic quality, screen resolution, body and head rotation, controls for your gamepad controller, mouse or keyboard, A.I. difficulty level and global game speed!

○ Bonuses: 3 attack bonuses: - Proximity bomb: When planted and activated, it will detect all proximity movements (player included!) and explode. - Fireball: One of the most efficient! Look at your target carefully and fire it. - Wall breaker: Plant it on a wall and hide yourself before it explodes. It lets a pretty big hole.

3 defense bonuses: - Invulnerability: No worries, you are invulnerable! You run faster and make Ghosts explode at your contact. - Ultra Speed: Scared to be caught by a Ghost? Not anymore, you run like a rocket. - Invisibility: Who said Harry Potter? Put your cape on and use bonuses without any Ghosts notice it.

How I built it

With Unity and the Probuilder asset.

Challenges I ran into

Make a VR level editor with the possibility to play the created map in real-time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Ghosts A.I., Level Editor and all the programming behind the game.

Steam Page

Built With

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posted an update

Only Xbox One and Xbox 360 controllers are supported for now. You can rebind controls in the option menu.

To play in VR, just plug in your HMD and launch the game. To play in 2D, unplug your HMD and play.

Have fun!

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