• Pac-Man: Ghosts are chasing the player in maze environments.
  • Bomberman: Destructible environments with a lot of bonuses!

What it does

We as a player are a strange robot that need to hide from Ghosts that haunt the map. They're never far away but they can't hold themselves to laugh like crazy when they see us. We're lucky, they are many bonuses around us. Let's kill some Ghosts!

How I built it

Game, maps and characters are build with Unity and the great ProBuilder asset. Game menu planet is made from a patafix gum 3d scanned with photogrammetry technique.


  • When you are invulnerable and chasing a Ghost, you need an average collision to make it explode.
  • The Proximity Bomb is not immediately active when planted. You need to walk a few steps back to enabled it.
  • Listen to the Ghosts' laugh, if you hear it, run! ^^
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