This project is inspired by the Philadelphia students who live at risk of ending up in the school-to-prison pipeline. I myself have gone through the juvenile justice system, and wish to provide others with the support which I lacked during my adolescent years.

Ghood Networks will open opportunities to its users by giving them incentives to access the resources which will help them achieve their life goals. It will help to bridge social, economic, and digital divides, through virtual connections that build skills such as financial literacy. Community participation will be encouraged by making it easier for mentors and service providers to connect with students.

What It Does

Ghood networks will connect mentors and service providers with youth clients in the manner of applications like Uber, which connects passengers with drivers. Ghood networks will also translate complicated tasks into game-like sequences of simple activities that unlock point rewards for completion of each step. Accumulated point rewards can be converted to tangible rewards such as retailer gift cards.

The intangible rewards will be real-life skills which can be used to achieve more significant goals, and can, for example, be used in job applications.

The app will identify the skills of participating community members and pair them in short-term connections with the young participants who need specific help.

How We Built It

Community Partnerships (Targeting Councilmember District 3, zipcodes 19133. 19130. 19126. 19106. 19103. 19107. 19127. 19102):

  • Campaigning and advertising neighborhood through community hall meetings, ad-sponsored you tube videos where spokesperson is familiar to the district, Instagram influencers who the youth of District 3 follow.
  • Identifying community mentors to introduce app to the youth: School counselors, teachers, convenience store clerks, probation officers, block captains, council member, Juvenile Justice system agents, business leaders, bankers, financial literacy programs, employers.

Communication Strategy:

  • Automated text messages notifying the mentor when the youth accomplishes the task in compliance with both parties.


We use a dependency-based system to identify each user's current assets and future needs to fulfill necessary steps towards each goal.


  • Vue.js
  • Python Flask
  • Adobe XD
  • Graph Database

Challenges We Encountered

Accomplishments We're Proud Of

What We Learned

What's Next for Ghood Networks

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