we intend to make a smart home without troubling our users by forcing them to install an application. So we utilize the popular social media messenger such as facebook that we're sure is owned by majority of people. By using popular social media messenger, user just need to access our app trough their social media app that is already in their gadget.

What it does

This bot enables user to control their electronic devices from afar just by sending message through social media messenger.

How we built it

We use messenger platfrom from facebook to receive command/message from user. After the message is received, then the message is forwarded into to be recognized. Messages from will be forward to MQTT Broker. Electronic devices will get command from MQTT Broker, these command based on response from

Challenges we ran into

To make a dynamic bot, it requires a large dataset for the training. With limited time and resources, we were not able to achieve that. Also, because of limited hardware, we were only using LED for the demo.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This project has been tested and was able to function like we intended to. It was able to control a lamp by using both text message and voice note.

What we learned

In this project we learn how to use git with team, How to use api, and how to integrate messenger with

What's next for ghiscure

In the future this chat bot will operate more dynamically. this bot will have additional features, not only turning on or off the electronic devices.

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