Our main inspiration were our mothers and the housewives around us, who dedicated all their lives for their homes, families, children and never got time to pursue a professional career. Even though they might not have any professional experience, they do have years of experience in household skills that makes each of them a maestro in different skills. The idea was to give them an opportunity to use their skills and expertise by sharing them with people who are interested in learning these skills. This will allow them to connect in society and give them a chance to do something of value, that can also enable them to be financially independent.

What it does

Ghirasti is a platform that allows women to share their skills, teach other people, and earn money out of it. The app allows any woman interested in providing service, to register by making an account using their phone number. The teacher (service provider) posts services with their details, time availability, mode of conduct, pricing and fee, and demo pictures or videos. The users/learners can view services available, or search for a specific service. They can then connect with the teach via chat where they can discuss details and timings. The teacher will then schedule a session/event with the learner. After the session has been conducted (in person or online), the teacher/provider can end the event and both parties can provide feedback. A future prospect of the app is to also allow payments via our platform.

How I built it

The initial prototype was designed in Adobe Xd. The app was developed in Flutter, using Dart language. Google Cloud Platform was used along with GCP App Engine, GCP Compute Engine for Redis. Firebase was used for Authentication, Database, Storage, FCM. For payment implementation, Jazz Cash will be used.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge was the time constraint of developing a complete detailed app in a short span of time since our team consisted of a single programmer.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We strived for an idea and we put in our best efforts to make it a reality. We brainstormed over a problem that many of our moms and aunts face everyday and we will be proud when presenting this solution to them.

What I learned

Learning took place at every step of this app. Researching about the problem statement, deciding the workflow of the app, designing the user experience and overcoming UX flaws, getting guidance from our mentors about business development of our platform and tips for enhancing our user's experience. And most importantly, managing time to build up a working app from an initial idea in just 5 days,

What's next for Ghirasti

The platform starts off by connecting individuals in a neighborhood and is aimed at growing its user base such that it can be used by people all over Pakistan. The app will integrate localization by adding the local language Urdu for the comfort of our target market. The app does not generate revenue at the moment, however that will change once we have established enough demand on both sides (teachers and students) then we will deploy a commission based system where both parties are charged a small percentage.

Please visit the following link for more details of our Business Idea:

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