Ghazal The Poetic Curator - The Story

What inspired this project is our beautiful language and vibrant transformative city of Riyadh. This is mainly represented by social media (i.e. Twitter, instagram, etc) through a society that is ever alive and dynamic.

With every click and selection, the user becomes the artist. Words are used in an interactive animated way to filter trending subjects from Riyadh and generate short poems - our AI engine, Ghazal, facilitates the process.

Each piece of literature or word is indexed and randomly played back based on a number generator that uses the wind speed over Riyadh at the moment of user interaction.

A learning network is created to deliver the stream of art that is interactive and can in each instance of selection reinvent itself. The playback environments will be both large-scale setups (i.e. buildings), but also may be run on a mobile phone, voice driven interfaces and haptic atmospheres.

Challenges we ran into

The first challenge was had was the decision on whether to produce Ghazal in Arabic or English as most AI engines naturally work in English. However, we did not eliminate the possibility of producing Ghazal in Arabic.

Secondly. coordinating the workload across a multidisciplinary team.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to run Ghazal in Arabic at first phase!

We learned that

It is possible to proof concept any idea if you understand the theory and have good command of the tools to prove it.

What's next for Ghazal

the next phases will be all about training Ghazal to produce better quality poems.

We are looking forward into enhancing her to include Arabic calligraphy styles. We anticipate seeing Ghazal being used for laser imagining on buildings, application on a phone, and exhibitions that get users interacting with her and loving her!

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