We took clear inspiration from the classic game Asteroids with the hope to make this a two player local co-op competitive game, by adding levels, the ability to shoot and get shot by your partner and even a boss. In addition to this, we made all original art and sound assets to add some unique flair.

This game has been made playable with wireless Nintendo Switch Joycon controllers and while the main focus has always been to make the game as good as possible in its javascript web-based form, a secondary goal has been to make it playable on the Switch itself. This has proved especially challenging as it has involved porting the entire javascript code base of the game to Lua code.

For most of us in the group, we had no experience in game development, never having created a game or any of the assets that go along with that experience. However, despite our lack of initial knowledge, this has a rewarding experience and we as a team have gained valuable knowledge.

We also used Domain.com to register, and implement a domain name.

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