Online E-commerce website and Covid-19 was basically the inspiration, using Online E-commerce platform, We modified the platform and created a innovated idea, which is benificial for local Class Businesses

What it does

Project is mainly focused on helping out small businessmen and middle class business by increasing the customer count furthermore helping out the both the businessmen and the consumer


Our project is mainly targeted for small businesses whether located urban and rural areas, and also the people who went out of business due to Covid-19 And also for future pandemics.


1.Daily shopping will give you virtual points and discount coupons from the shops

2.the website will try and help out to find the product in the particular range by prioritizing the particular shop and the product and if the product is not found the range will automatically shift to any other larger area.

3.The small businesses present on our site can also collab with other businesses locally and that will help the consumer to get products and bigger discounts and also help sellers to inncrease customer . 4.People providing dairy products can also sign up on our sites and the consumer can pay for the food of animals to get more discounts in future orders.

5.If small business want delivery services they can also collab with someone of their same kind.

6.Consumer can check and pay for their order if it’s not up to mark and they can return it back, during On Door Service

7.A consumer can get a free trial period on some products and if they like it they can get a subscription for that products from the same shop.

8.Instant refund:- During on Door service, Service boy can check the product and return the money instantly if product is ok otherwise not.

How we built it

We built it useing HTML, CSS a small prototype so that everyone can have a idea about how the future or compete product will look like.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Small businesses being ruled over by large businesses(Like Flipkart and Amazon). So, how to compete with such big E-commerce sites

2 .Not getting the correct exposure, So how to use online platform in different way so that sellers can get exposures and convient platform

  1. Due to the pandemic there offline marketing has received a severe hit. So, how to deal with it

  2. How to Increase number of customers, Into local businesses

  3. How to reduce the cost of warehouse/paid delivery services.

  4. We’re helping small business by giving them the exposure through online medium, so how to make it so easy to use so that even a new person new to online can use it at once

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1.By online them platform 2.By reducing the cost of warehouse/paid delivery expenses

  1. They are not able to connect with Flipkart or amazon or ecom platforms
  2. By connecting them directly to the consumer

What we learned

We learned many new things, How marktes work, loss & profits in Businesses. What sellers want so that we can achieve our goal. What would have happened if this idea won't have come up. How wareshouse cost is high, what are the issue and agreement seller have file. we learned to work in real life situation and tried to create a product which according to our data analysis came out be successful infront of the targeted audience.

What's next for GharShopping.Com

We are planning to work in mobile app, as from our user data analysis, building a mobile app will be very benificial for them to use and manage. And Also a Phone Call/ Whatsapp system, so that seller can directly contact us and register their business to our website/App and also other services like adding product/ discount every updates which they are not capable of doing as because of having no knowledge of mobile or technology.

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